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Indicative Price List*

            Service                        Price £’s


 Dental Examination                       50


Smile Makeover Consultation     FREE


Teeth Straightening

Consultation                                   FREE


Intra oral x-ray (each)                    10

Photos if requested                       25


Scaling                                              95

Non surgical Periodontal                     125 treatment from                                                                   

Teeth whitening                  400 to 800

Dentures                              From   600


Inlay, Onlay, full Crown      400 to 600

Composite fillings              100 to 200

Composite Bonding           200 to 500

Porcelain Veneers             900 to 1100

Extraction                            100 to 200

Retainer (one arch)                        150

Bite guard                                       150

Denture repairs                             125


Recement Crown, Inlay,                 90



Teeth Straightening        1999 to 4999

​(Single  arch, simple

cases to both

arches, complex cases)   


 Missed appointment                    250

penalty pro rata for 1 hour     

Out of hours                                  125

call out charge                             

Written reports                             250   

pro rata per hour



* Above prices are indicative and should only be used as a guide. Treatments are customised for each patient. An estimate will be given to each patient for recommended treatment at the time of examination. A signed consent and treatment plan is mandatory before starting treatment.

Fees for treatments which are not listed above will be provided subsequent to a dental examination.

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